In Australia

You will see Nick Harvey at this Expo, so bring your Reloading Manuals to get an autograph.

Changes to the National Firearms Agreement could leave regulation of lever-action shotguns to the states.

These elusive deer have been recently spotted in sambar habitat, so they have survived for more than half a century in Australia.

The NSW Police Force today formally announced the Commercial Explosives Amnesty which has been put in place for six months in NSW.

Queensland horror movie Boar will likely premiere in southeast Queensland this year after being picked up by Universal Pictures Australia.

With many small hunting clubs forming across the country, insurance often comes up as a topic of discussion.

We are led to the figurative slaughter by our political "servants" ... AGAIN!

Ahead of the upcoming Queensland election, gun owners have joined forces to launch a state-wide billboard campaign in marginal Labor seats over the party’s “unjust attack” on legitimate firearm owners.

Feral cats would be culled by injecting the native animals they prey on with poisonous implants

One Nation has updated its Firearm Policy coming into the Queensland election.

Policies from the Western Australian Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party WA. Protect your freedoms & the future of outdoor sports.

CLIVE Palmer has threatened a return to politics in a bizarre Facebook post which alleges council workers illegally killed his deer and sold the meat to local restaurants.

2017 Hog Deer ballot results

A quick fact sheet published by Australian Shooters Union about firearms in Australia

16 months ago, DRPC returned to Anzac Range at Malabar with the help of the New South Wales Rifle Association and the Military Rifle Clubs Association.