In Australia

I got a second shot into him about 10 yards from where the first had landed and on impact he lost his feet, sliding down the gully.

One thing I was certain of, OSA is kicking goals and taking names, with many very high quality, high-performance products available to the Australian shooter and hunter.

Feral pig hunting became a prominent part of my life.

The ladies only hunt is held in Western Queensland, on a working cattle property. The hotspur site boasts 120 thousand acres of free range hunting on private property

With head torches on we slowly picked our way up the steep slope.

First images of helicopter sambar culls in the Victorian National Parks has been released this week.

Have your say on this Government Inquiry into feral animal management in Australia.

Give your feedback to ensure the sustainability of deer populations in Victoria.

Sydney Watson gives us insight into gun law differences between Australia and the US.

A petition to state parliament to instigate a public land hunting scheme in Queensland.

What if you are a committed hunter and want to associate with hunters regularly?

A decade long hunt to catch the Katherine region’s biggest crocodile has ended in triumph.

Product Safety Recall - Lightforce LiFePO4 Battery Charger Power Cords with Missing Earth Pins

Thirteen animal activists have been charged after storming a poultry farm on the outskirts of Sydney and taking off with hens - a number of which died in the process.