In Australia

Soon I was on my stomach pushing my rifle ahead of my and slowly grovelling my way closer.

The direction worked in our favour as we walked along, frequently stopping to glass the distant hills for goats.

Lloyd Moran recently won the first prize raffle for the Nepan Hunters 50th anniversary celebration.

What the ....! He must have dipped his head just as I fired and copped the headshot as a consequence.

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One of the most important things to remember with fox whistling and indeed Rule1 is keep the wind in your favour,

Meet the Australians representing us at the Tokoyo olympics.

When hunting, we sometimes see things that make us pause in reflection and good naturedness.

Chloe has now been appointed by the Shooters' Union Of Australia as their National Shooting Development Officer.

With the light failing we headed downhill toward camp, when Damon urgently whispered, "Fox!" and pointed as he dropped to his knees.

Sometimes, men just have to get away to reconnect with their inner beings and share it with a good mate.

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A shrill squeal broke the morning silence followed by a heavy throaty roar.

My suspicions were that they were Sambar as the area is in the heart of their range.

I take pride in not only harvesting my own game, but contributing to conservation efforts and aiding in providing balance to such a diverse ecosystem.

That afternoon on our way out after lunch we saw three pigs 50m from camp rooting around.