Bumper harvests are providing pigs with perfect for conditions for a feeding and breeding frenzy. Local Land Services is urging landholders to ramp up their ground control of the pest.

Almost one in five Australians think introduced horses and foxes are native to Australia, and others don’t want “cute” or “charismatic” animals culled, even when they damage the environment.

Deer hunters spent 344,604 days out bush in Victoria and killed 173,000 deer a 43% increase from the previous year.

Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association CEO Ashley Manicaros said the alleged trophy killing re-enforced the need for a dedicated stock squad within NT Police.

The GMA are conducting helicopter surveys across Victoria to monitor the abundance of game duck populations, to help ensure duck hunting remains sustainable.

After completing the course, my only regret, not taking it a long time ago! The amount of ammo, range time and barrel life I would have saved would have covered the course costs many times over.

Victorian hunting could be turned upside down if the new Animal Welfare Act receives the changes that are being pushed from animal welfare and green organizations.

After an incredible amount of work from the Shooters Union team, they are proud to launch the first-ever pro-shooting voting app in Australia; How To Vote Pro-Gun.

An environmental crisis in NSW national parks looms after the fallout from two decades of failed horse control.

Where do you sit in therthermal scope debate.

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The book opens with a comment that the Australian Gun Control debate barely qualifies as a debate at all.

Police have no idea how two rusa deer were spotted in the inner city suburb.

The inquest heard the majority of NSW Firearms Registry staff did not understand how to determine who was a "fit and proper person" to hold a gun licence when Edwards was granted a gun permit in 2017.

Police are investigating the shooting of 30 horses valued at $500,000 at Victoria River's Killarney Station. It's alleged that two members of a sporting shooters association committed the reckless crime.