Local business owners are shattered about the tourism implications long term and the kick in the guts of having the park shut over the first week of school holidays right after COVID.

John Barilaro believes its fine for deer, wild dog, goat and fox populations to be culled from the National Parks but not horses.

Once again NSW hunters are over looked as an option to control feral animal populations as the largest aerial shooting program ever conducted in NSW national parks and reserves kicks off next week.

Registry decisions have never been good, but over recent months they have become worse. Now reasoning is not apparent from a primary decision.

"The largest landholder of feral-pig affected lands is the state of Queensland".

Responsible, legitimate recreational shooters are again being targeted by the Andrews Labor Government.

A VDHA member has successfully had an Intervention Order placed on a anti hunting protestor.

A poacher has been jailed for five years after a raft of rural poaching, property and driving offences. The sentence handed down is believed to be the biggest of its kind.

Kangaroo numbers explode however post-fire ban on kangaroo shooting extended until end of year.

"This will not just create jobs, but give farmers a return for animals being harvested on their properties while helping the environment."

Every weapon carried by Australian soldiers will be provided by a Brisbane company. The lucrative deal is the biggest overhaul of munitions since World War Two, and dozens of Queenslanders will be recruited to complete the job.

Sporting Shooter Magazine is offering everyone the chance to win a set of VORTEX Raptor 8.5x32 Mid-Size Porro Prism Binoculars.

It's unlikely that hunters will ever get a look in on this wasted resource.

Headless deer carcass shot by a poacher's are becoming a common occurance from the roadside on a neighbouring property.

The Government is putting ideology before practical solutions as QLD's feral pig problem grows.

VICTORIA POLICE are trying to trip the NSC up a second time in the legal action it is taking against them for closing the state’s gun shops.