If you have a passion for hunting, fishing, farming or owning a family pet – the Animal Welfare Reform is something that needs your attention. The submission takes 5 mins of your day to protect your way of life.

Thankfully some of our shooting bodies are spotting and fighting these sly attempts to water away from our already heavily regulated rights.

To give some perspective on the size of this boar. I’m 6 foot and 84kg.

A man will face court today charged with 47 illegal hunting offences in the state’s Central West.

Curiously DPI claim to seek ‘balanced stakeholder representation’ yet there are no shooting or fishing groups represented on the consultation panel.

Rambo the fox has avoided almost 3,000 baits; shooters have spent 465 hours hunting him and scent-tracking dogs were unable to find him after three weeks.

We are regularly seeing innocent social media posts being used against firearm owners.

Animal liberationists have attacked a Whitsundays regional school’s involvement in the Bacon Busters pig hunt.

Recognition that recreational hunting and sporting shooting is an important tradition.

Wild pigs had killed a "huge" number of lambs on his property at Trunkey Creek.

A deer trapping trial is using the carcasses to feed big cats at the local zoo.

Freight carriers contine to slam the firearms industry.

A new fox bounty will be introduced in South Australia in an attempt to reduce the impact they are having on livestock and poultry across the state.

Unifying state and territory roo plans under one system would produce better outcomes for both farmers and conservationists

A newly released poison bait is being hailed as a major breakthrough in feral pig control.

Pigs release 4.9 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide every year – the equivalent of 1.1 million cars.