As drought across the whole state is officially declared, the NSW Government has implemented its relaxation of laws around kangaroo culling first announced in June.

3D printed guns. Everything you need to know after a Sydney man faces charges for possession of blue prints and printed handguns.

PETA stoops to a whole new level criticising drought stricken farmers for having to destroy starving stock. See the drought photos and make your feelings known.

Roy is the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate who shoots and wears leather but don’t put any meat in front of him — he’s a vegan.

Simon discusses the recent QLD decision involving a Cat H licence for a farmer.

The dangers of complacency when handling firearms.

Farmers and politicians call to raise Victoria’s fox bounty, which has remained at $10 a scalp since it was introduced in 2007.

Wild deer can now be sold to inedible rendering, pet food processing and game processing facilities under new changes to regulations.

Current firearms regulations should have prevented a tragedy in Sydney last week, but instead Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and Minister Troy Grant are trying to protect the New South Wales Police Firearms Registry.

Hunters get behind Police calling for poachers cars to be crushed and gear destroyed.

Just how do you go about eradicating 1200 feral goats from a 4400-square-kilometre island? With great difficulty and some Judas goats.

Dingoes could once again roam state and national parks in central Victoria if a land management plan developed by the region's Aboriginal people who hold native title rights for the land is approved.

The GMA said it had taken possession of the airboat featured in the video taken at Cundare Pool.

Residents in a rural north-east Victorian community say a tragedy will happen if illegal deer hunting continues in the area.

It has come to Lithgow Arms' attention that there is a potential barrel defect affecting the LA102 CrossOver rifle in .223 REM calibre.