34,519 Feral Pigs Culled In A Program That Will Now Be Expanded to Include Deer

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There are culls taking place all over Australia at the moment, and the Riverina area has seen vast numbers of pigs culled as part of an ongoing program by the Local Land Services (LLS).

The culling is part of the NSW Government's Western Riverina Pig Project, where public and private landholders worked together using a combination of aerial and ground shoots as well as baiting.

The Land reported "Infrared thermal surveys were conducted annually as part of the project showing the average pig density reduced dramatically over the three years, from a peak of 11.66 feral pigs per square kilometre in 2017, to as low as 0.66 feral pigs per square kilometre in 2019".

With such positive results, it will now become an ongoing project known as the Western Riverina Pest Project, expanding the scope to control other pests such as feral deer.

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said the project delivered great results for landholders, who worked hand-in-hand with

LLS to significantly reduce the number of feral pigs out west.

"Feral pigs are huge burden for farmers especially in the west of the state, so anything we can do as government to help reduce the pig population while taking pressure off farmers is a good thing particularly at the moment," Mr Marshall said.

"It's another string to our bow in terms of feral pest management programs, which we have really stepped up in recent years.

"By using a combination of aerial and ground shoots as well as baiting, these results demonstrate how effective coordinated pest control can be when private landholders and public landholders work together."


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