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Recently I started my long-range shooting journey from scratch. I purchased a better rifle, optics and reloading components to try and improve my accuracy long-range and make the routine hunting shots deadly accurate. 

I soon learnt, there is so much information out there, it is hard to work out what is relevant to your shooting and accuracy and what is not.

In order to fast track my learning, I contacted 365 Precision Training, I had found I had hit a major flat spot in my long-range journey.

365 Precision training offer courses for everyone no matter what the skill level. The training offered ranges from 1-3 days

depending on what you are looking to achieve and your current skill level.

The course is veteran-owned and one of Australia’s only Firearms Registry Approved long-range shooting courses.

There are currently three main courses offered on top of personalized, one on one, or private group training sessions.

The Precision Hunter is designed for you to squeeze the absolute most out of yourself and your hunting rig. This is a live-fire training with a minimum calibre of .223 and sure to improve your field shooting dramatically.

The other two courses are Long Range One and Two. These courses are run over 2 and 3 days respectively. Long Range two can only be attended after completing Long Range one.

If you are looking to step into long-range or precision shooting these are the courses for you. They cover a plethora of information, by the end of the course, you will be hitting targets at 1000m. If you are fortunate like I was you will even get a hit at the 1 mile (1610m) target.

Having already dabbled in some long-range target shooting I opted for the Long Range 1 course. I felt I had enough basic knowledge of long-range principles and my long-range hunting rifle was shooting accurately enough to start here. 

Before taking the course, I had already had some back and forward emails with Mitch. He was extremely engaging and helpful with all my questions.

The course takes place just outside of Gunnedah, NSW at the Nioka range. There is plenty of local accommodation close to the range. However, I decided to camp at the range and took advantage of a couple of nights under the stars.

For the course, I used my Christensen Arms Ridgeline with a Swarovski X5 on top, which gave me just enough MOA / Milrad

to take the course. 

The course has a 200 loaded round requirement, which I initially thought would be overkill,but needless to say I returned home with 200 empty cases.

Mitch and his trainers drum good shooting habits into you every shot. After completing the course I have a better appreciation for trigger time.

As the course progressed, I was amazed at how my groups were tightening, things I had questioned started to make perfect sense.

The course also dispelled many thoughts for me and practically showed me what it takes to make a rifle perform.

I soon realized that the major contributing factor to my rifle’s performance was me! The things I was not doing and the simple rules I was not following.

The days moved from whiteboard to shooting and every skill learnt is very quickly reinforced with substantial range time. 

I was one of five people on the course. I felt like I had undivided attention. Mitch has a great learning atmosphere that makes sure every student gets the attention that they need. 

The wind assessment and atmospheric condition parts of the training I found particularly useful. I previously lacked in knowledge here. The art of reading and shooting with wind is something I had underestimated and something I have practiced many times since.

As the course progressed we gathered rifle data that we would use to start stretching the shots. We gained experience in ballistic calculators that we tested out to 1000m.

Before I knew it, I was hitting 500m like it was 200m, getting consistent gong hits out to 1000m. This had completely

exceeded my expectations as I would have walked away happy with consistent hits at 500m.

I have accurate rifle data now that I could quickly put to the test on a recent trip bush that saw me hitting a gong at 600m with ease. I also now have the experience to develop an accurate load fast on my next rifle. 

I am significantly more confident after the course and am confidently self-correcting my shooting and not questioning the little things that I use to blame when trying to stretch my rifles legs. 

There is so much covered at the course. I have merely skimmed the surface. However, do yourself a favour and check out 365precisiontraining.com.au to see everything that is offered and covered at the course.

After completing the course, my only regret, not taking it a long time ago! The amount of ammo, range time and barrel life I would have saved would have covered the course costs many times over.

Check out all the course details here.


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