$50,000 For Study Into Hunting and Sporting Shooting

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Mature fallow bucks weigh around 90kg, but are soft-skinned and small-boned, so not hard to kill. 100gn loads in the .243-.25-06 class are quite adequate.

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water has announced that the Tasmanian Liberal Government recognises that recreational hunting and sporting shooting is an important tradition for many Tasmanians.

It also provides significant benefits to landholders in assisting with management of browsing wildlife as well as to regional economies through travel and purchase of goods and services

In recognition, the Government has committed $50,000 towards a study into the economic and social value of recreational hunting and sporting shooting to Tasmania as part of our First 100-Day Plan.

The study will assess the contribution that thousands of Tasmanians, hunting and shooting clubs, support organisations, retailers and suppliers make to regional Tasmania.

An advisory group of key stakeholders including the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Australian Deer Association and the Tasmanian Deer Advisory Council is being formed to help scope the project with findings to help inform future policy and management directions.

We greatly value our unique way of life and are pleased to deliver on this commitment to support traditional recreational pursuits and the Tasmanian way of life.

Now, if only the other states would give recreational hunting and sporting shooting the same recognition. 

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