$500000 Worth of Station Horses Shot

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From News.com

Police are investigating the shooting of 30 horses valued at $500,000 at Victoria River's Killarney Station. It's alleged that two members of a sporting shooters association committed the reckless crime.

Station manager Jamie Laurisson said, "It was a mind-numbing stupid, careless and reckless act".

"The loss of these horses has been a massive impact on the staff, management and principals of Killarney Station. Initially shock and disbelief then grief, anger, heartbreak and devastation".

It was reported the pair had no permit or written permission from the station managers or directors to shoot on the property.

"The horses were not shot in a humane or professional manner as one would expect from members of a shooters association," Mr Laurisson said.

"The two members of the shooting club involved did not have permission from the station management to shoot in this area."

"The station would be seeking compensation with years worth of work put into breeding and training the horses".

"The NT police are investigating the shooting and will do everything they can to bring about justice within the law, if it is deemed an illegal act. The company has also engaged a legal team to pursue a civil suit on behalf of our staff in seeking compensation".

It's hard to believe that someone could be this reckless and it would not surprise me if there is far more to this story than the initial reports. We await further news.

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