Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick Attempts To Ban Bow Hunting

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Pic: Yarra Valley Noticeboard

Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick is using pictures of a cockatoo with a target arrow through it to push the Government into banning bows and bowhunting across the state.

This follows on from the parties continual push to ban hunting in all forms across Australia. 

He said that unlike firearms, which need to be registered to an individual, bows are harder to track, making it “almost impossible” to find those responsible for the attack. This statement alone shows how little Andy Meddick understands bows and firearms. 

“Whether an animal is a native or non-native, an arrow through the body is a cruel, slow and painful way to die,” Mr Meddick said.

“Today I read in a motion in parliament condemning this cruel act and called for the Victorian Government to implement a total ban on bow hunting.

“As long as this government allows cruelty to other native animals, such as duck and kangaroo shooting, there will always be disrespect for our native wildlife.”

The old addage lets ban all cars because a couple choose to drink drive seems to fit this case perfectly. 

More than ever hunters, shooters, fishers, farmers and outdoorsman must unite under one banner and see that the lunacy of the Animal Justice Party and Andy Meddick never have a say in anything outdoors and Australian again. 

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