Australia's Biggest Facebook Hunting Group Closed

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Over the weekend Facebook shut down Australia’s biggest hunting group – Hunting Australia with no warning. The Administrators of the group received a one-line closure notice with no opportunity to appeal the decision.

Hunting Australia had been in existence for ten years with a membership of 55k. The page had shared tens of thousands of

hunts from Australia and around the globe.

This deletion is one of thousands that have been canned in 2018. The hunting pages are continually targeted by anti-hunting and anti-firearms groups that are relentless at getting these pages closed. 

I have researched how the anti's were getting pages shut down. They are posting inappropriate content that breaches guidelines. They then get another planted user to report the content. 

This method only has to be successful twice, and the group will be shut down for good with not a single point of appeal.
The Facebook dictatorship has seen many hunting groups move over to alternate platforms like MeWe to share their content freely.

The Hunting Australia group was restarted yesterday with the community showing their support with an endless stream of hunting pictures.

The group had 3000 members return in the first 12 hours.

The page is currently running a competitions to drive more hunting pictures and to get the Australian hunters back together.

Link to the Facebook Page. 


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