Changes to the Western Australia Firearms ACT Tabled

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The Western Australia State Government has proposed strict new laws on LAFO's in a bid to stop the weapons from ending up in the hands of bikies.

Again, Western Australian LAFO's are looking down the barrel of even stricter gun laws that make potential firearm repairs like changing a trigger a criminal offence.

Reloading your ammunition could be deemed as breaking the new laws. However, the proposed legislation needs industry input before it goes any further.

Shooters Union of Australia WA Co-ordinator, Peter Heggie, says the laws will turn anyone who owns a gun turned into a criminal.

“It’s not just about the firearm prohibition orders. Some of the concerns we have are things like making a simple repair to your firearm could actually fall you foul of the law under this new belt,” he said.

Speaking on Perth LIVE, Mr Heggie said the new laws are warranted, but there needs to be changes.

“If we take for example a farmer who lives 2000 kilometres away from the local gunsmith – if they need to replace a trigger that they need on their firearm for pest control, technically under this new bill that is now illegal,” he told

He also fears people without guns could be targeted by the law.

“Say for instance if you have grandad’s ‘book of military firearms’ and it’s got schematics of old World War Two rifles in there – under this bill, congratulations you’ve just become a criminal,” Mr Heggie said.

The Shooters Union is urging the State Government for industry consultation.

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