Greens the Grim Reaper to the Australian Kangaroo Industry

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The Weekly Times has reported that Greens senator Lee Rhiannon is in Brussels to discuss with European Parliament members what she terms the “major risk” culling and harvesting poses to the world’s largest marsupials.

The Greens are out to destroy the kangaroo meat industry in Australia. They are lobbying key European decision makers and senior federal government ministers. 

About five million roos were harvested in the three years to 2015 from a population of about 45 million, according to government data.

But the trip has been slammed by Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud and an Australian National University wildlife researcher.

“It’s absolutely disgusting that she would go over there and try and destroy the kangaroo industry that has huge potential for jobs in regional Australia,” Mr Littleproud told reporters today.

The Greens who very rarely go armed to any debate with recgonised research or statistics are arguning that the kangaroo growth rates are inflated and that millions of dependant joeys are killed every decade. 

Lee Rhiannon has been joined in Belgium by NSW Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson and an ecologist who disputes the grounds supporting culling. 

“We will use the evidence to show that kangaroos are in trouble,” Senator Rhiannon said.

ANU zoologist George Wilson says animal activists’ arguments against factory farming can be supported by some evidence.

But he said they resembled the “noisy minority” in the climate change debate when discussing the marsupials.

“In this case, all they have is their ideology running a line that really does not bear any scientific scrutiny,” Dr Wilson said.

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