Gun Control Australia criticises $ aid to shooting organisations

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Image AAP
Image AAP

LAFOs can never win a trick with Gun Control Australia (GCA).

Once again they are spreading fear about our sport and the grant support various Australian governments provide to gun clubs. $77 million may sound like a lot, but the fine print says this is ammortised over five years. That is under $16 million per annum spread across the whole country and over 1 million shooters. See the reports emnthusiastically spouted by 7 News and SBS.


It seems to any fair-minded person in possession of a few pertinent facts like:

  • Shooting is a sport that is taken up by men and women without discrimination,
  • Legal shooters have a sport they can pursue from 12 to 90 years old,
  • Disabled shooters compete locally and at international level for Australia,
  • It is the most tightly regulated sport in existence and therefore ..
  • The safest sport in existence,
  • All participants are among the most law-abiding community within the Australian population

that GCA are on a hiding to nowhere with this one. Must have been a slow news week for the mainstream media to go to town on this "story".

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