How to vote pro-gun

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How to vote pro gun

Australian shooters can access a website and an app to find out how to ensure their vote in the upcoming federal election goes to the most gun-friendly candidates in their electorates.

How To Vote Pro-Gun has been set up by the Shooters Union of Australia and rates all candidates based on their policies or positions on firearms-related issues. 

It makes suggestions about which candidates to put first through to last on your voting forms.

“It’s straightforward to use – just select your electorate from the drop-down menu, and the app will give you information on the candidates and our suggested voting order,” Shooters Union president Graham Park said.

He stressed that the suggestions are simply a guide based only on gun-related issues, not any other policies. 

But he said it’s important to seriously considered who will get your number 1 vote because of the potential for election funding to go to pro-gun candidates. 

“Whichever party gets your 1 vote will, if they reach a certain threshold, receive electoral funding — currently $2.914 per eligible vote — from the AEC,” Mr Park said.

“This is why it is extremely important to put the major parties last.

“In an unfortunate number of electorates, there appear to be no (or almost no) pro-gun candidates available and in those cases we have been forced to put the least unappealing option first.

“Regardless of how you choose to vote on election day, we remind you that a vote for minor parties is a vote for major change.”

Visit to find out more. 

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