Australia's competition watchdog has called for rollover protection devices to be fitted to all quad bikes, after almost 18 months of deliberations.

Shane Simpson gun shop owner and presenter on Hunting the Menu is accused of being a major underworld weapons supplier.

Vegan activists who target farmers' homes and lawful businesses could face a year in jail under proposed new laws to stop disruptive protests.

The NSW Police are planning a major overhaul of firearms regulations after the John Edwards family shooting that took place in July 2018.

The Feral Fighters Program has been pulled together to bring local property owners together to do strategically approach their feral control.

Police are investigating after a duck rescuer was allegedly struck by a car driven by a duck hunter at Lake Connewarre.

4G cameras the next line of defence against wild dogs.

The NSW Police Rural Crime squad continue their war on poaching in the Upper Hunter and across rural NSW charging a 29yo female and 2 males from Coffs Harbour.

On the back of a very successful NSW election the SFFP set their sights on the Federal election.

The NSW Election is on a knife edge and your vote may just make a difference.

Duck hunters avoid the activists for a successful duck opening 2019.

The NSW Liberals have called on John Howard to deliver their anti gun message.

"There'll be no relaxing of gun laws whatsoever, under any circumstances, under a government I lead. I cannot be clearer about that,"

Many shooters also hunt multiple game animals that require different firearms.