India's most-celebrated hunter is recruited for controversial mission to shoot man-eating beast blamed for 13 deaths.

NZ extreme Greens tahr extermination program.

QBE global has announced it will stop insuring any organisation, association or club which provides permits to own, purchase, carry or use firearms.

Farmers in the south-east coastal district of Western Australia were shocked by the sight of feral camels wandering through their crops.

KUIU founder Jason Hairston has tragically passed.

Firearm owners in NSW could be forgiven for thinking the litany of problems with the Firearms Registry are deliberate and politically motivated by the Berejiklian government.

Once identified as Australian media they were quickly kicked out of the US gun show.

Dingoes to remain classified as non-native wild dogs under reform to Western Australian law.

The NSW Government Don't Want You To Read This.

A 15 year old boy has been accidentally shot in the back while hunting on a property outside Bathurst.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MPs confirmed they will be searching for candidates in all Sydney and regional Liberal Party seats.

The State Government will allow hunting in national parks

36 Sniper teams from 19 countries gathered to see who was best. The Europe Best Sniper Team Competition is like the World Cup of military marksmanship, but with tougher competitors.

The drought has hit farmers hard this year. Sarah Johnson from Hay NSW would like to see Australian Hunters swap the quads and beer for some bales of hay.

Fox pets seized, euthanased by authorities leads owner to claim they're no more a pest than cats.