This type of thing happens when the left-elite run out of things to be afraid of.

DELWP Gippsland has confirmed, a man has come forward and is helping them with their inquiries into the deliberate killing of 136 wedge tailed eagles on a farm in East Gippsland.

The Berejiklian government's plan to protect wild horses in NSW's largest national park has begun, with a leading ecologist quitting a key panel citing a "wilful disregard" for science.

Desperate ANTI-firearms campaigners are taking Premier Will Hodgman to court in a bid to make public legal advice over planned changes to gun laws.

Firearm Registry cuts - A third of the staff to go.

The $1 million blitz includes $40,000 for aerial shooting on banana farms and will run for three years.

Between 30 June 1996 and 30 June 2017, there has been a 72% increase in the total number of Game Licence holders.

The New South Wales Opposition and farmer groups are calling for cheaper access to a vaccine after a worrying number of cases of Q fever in the bush.

If prospective members value $20-million public liability cover and cheap firearms insurance, FoHC offers all this, in most cases quite a bit cheaper than larger organisations.

Anti duck warriors have banded together to pressure the state government to ban duck hunting. Vote on the Poll

For years crocodile farms have relied on the Top End's feral buffalo and cattle populations to supply meat for their reptiles.

Rogue deer poachers are terrorising farmers on isolated Victorian properties.

Recreational and professional hunters play a major role in the control of fox and wild dog populations.

The police are looking for a middle aged man with a gun who allegedly threatened a 27 year old man who caught him shooting deer in the bush.

European mounting (or skull mounting) your trophies can be a cost effective alternative to taxidermy whist still maintaining a professional and clean look to your trophy room or shed.