Labor MP Lizzie Blandthorn Calls for Hunt Ban

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Melbourne city - Pascoe Vale - MP Lizzie Blandthorn endorsed a hunt ban motion at the Victorian State Labor conference and gained the support of many Labor members, according to a Weekly Times Now article this week.

Ms Blandthorn published a photo of her admiring ducks in a suburban pond to call on Premier Daniel Andrews to back a ban,

following the lead of NSW and Western Australia. We suspect that Miss Blandthorn's expertise in the subject area may stretch little further than the ducks at the botanical gardens.

"The recreational hunting of native waterbirds is completely at odds with the government's (animal welfare) plan," the Labor MP wrote on Facebook. "On the eve of 2020, it's time to end this practice once and for all."

When the Victorian Agricultural Minister Jaclyn Symes was questioned, she said, MS Blandthorn's intervention did not change the Governments support for game hunting.

"The government's position on duck hunting has not changed," Ms Symes said

"Laws are in place to ensure that game hunting is conducted safely, sustainably and humanely".

Bravo, the Victorian Government keeping duck hunting as part of its cultural and sporting mix.

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