Major Papers Lift The Lid On The Lie That Saw Gun Shops Closed

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The National Shooting Council broke a story last week that called out - "that the gun shop bans in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland were based on a lie".

The Age, SMH and Brisbane Times have now highlighted that the State Governments have made the agenda-driven decision that is crippling the firearms industry.

The further the National Shooting Council dug, the more obvious it became that there was no evidence to be found to support

the State governments' claims. 

Federal government sources told The Age national cabinet played no active role in the decision, despite state Police Minister Lisa Neville's claiming it had.

The Brisbane Times reported, " the Labor governments of Victoria and Western Australia proactively sought approval for their intentions to ban gun sales, according to the two Canberra sources who spoke on condition of anonymity".

The Liberal controlled states did not ban gun and ammunition sales further showing that the Labour governments have firearm shops and owners in the crosshairs. 

The Brisbane Times interviewed Adrian Cauchi, who owns the Gun and Outdoor Shop in Kilsyth in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs, said he had been plunged into deep financial distress.

"Almost all of his sales were to recreational shooters. He said he would likely shut down his store, which he has owned for three years if the ban lasted for several more weeks".

"Mr Cauchi, 48, believes Labor states with a negative view of the shooting community had taken advantage of the pandemic to diminish the industry".

"I get one or two hours of sleep a night if I'm lucky," he said. "I don't have enough money, and I can't pay the rent."

"There was no evidence of stockpiling. We're not America – you cannot just buy a gun in Australia," he said.

"The only states that closed gun shops were Labor states. My question is why?"



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