NSW Man Gets Suspended Sentence For Making Fantasy Role Play Guns

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The laws around 3D printed guns are not always clear to people when they are being used for fantasy role-play. The plastic guns have no action and can not be loaded in any way. They do not even have a metal part on them.

A Sydney man has been spared jail time after he made replica guns with a 3D printer for "fantasy role-play". 

The Murray Valley Standard reported "Sicen Sun only intended for the replica firearms - which included an imitation sub-machine gun seen in Stargate - to be used as costume props".

"I could not even begin to contemplate that a hobby would land me in such strife,"' he told a sentence hearing earlier in August.


"They were being used in fantasy role-play games," the judge said.

Sun had pleaded guilty to charges including manufacturing a pistol without a licence permit, possessing an unauthorised pistol and the NSW first of possessing a digital blueprint for the manufacture of firearms.



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