Pakistan Earns $6.5m through 74 Permits For Trophy Hunting

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By Rufus46 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Trophy hunting has helped save a rare and endangered species from potential extinction. Since hunting permits have been granted for markhor their population has increased to 3,500--4,000 in the country as compared to 1,500-2,000 in 2001.

Pakistan has so far earned $6.5 million dollars AUD by issuing 74 permits to local and foreign nationals for trophy hunting of Markhor, national animal of Pakistan.

Under the trophy hunting programme, the local communities receive 80 percent of the license fee with the government keeping the rest. The amount varies as the licenses are issued through a bidding process.

IG News reported the Pakistan Wildlife Department said that four permits have been sold for the year 2021-2022, which will fetch $770,500 in total. This was the highest bid offered so far for the trophy hunting of the animal.

Apart from the highest amount offered, the second-highest bid offered was $207,100, followed by $180,150 for the third permit, and $167,100 for the fourth.

In trophy hunting only old male markhors are shot and they can be identified from their horns, gait and the body structure. This programme is now cited as a huge victory in biodiversity preservation in Pakistan.

The incentives created through the trophy hunting programme have introduced a new ethics in the concerned communities that now protect their wild game species as an economic asset.

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