Poaching rampage that lasted hours - More fake news

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Win News Illawarra recently run fake news video stating Helensburgh residents are seeing red after a spate of illegal deer-hunting reached new heights on the weekend.

"They say the poaching rampage lasted several hours on Saturday night despite several reports to police."

The article that lasts 1 minute and 50 seconds would have to be the year’s worst attempt at fake news. Once again linking hunters to illegal firearm activity.  

The quotes throughout the video are priceless. 

"Are deers in the National Park a pest" 

The resident being interviewed stated that "fireworks were used to corral the deer which was followed by gunshots" ..... It sounds a lot like the local kids had some fireworks going. Its interesting that the resident could distinguish the difference between the two.

One resident too scared to show her face heard the "ba ba ba ba ba ba boom" which was apparently the deer being killed after hours of mustering with the fireworks. 

The scene was even described as being "Like world war 3" but police did not feel the need to come and investigate. 

The report goes even further talking about evidence of "Killing Sprees" which they showed one shotgun shell. 

The credibility of these news groups is sinking to all all time low in their anti-firearm agendas. This story is the perfect example of what the media outlets have become. 

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