Riverina Man Charged with 80 Illegal Hunting Offences

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NSW Police Rural Crime Prevention team continue their fight on illegal hunting across the state. The latest charges come after the Police were alerted to the illegal hunting activity from a social media post.

People are reporting these incidents as the continual breaking of the laws makes hunting opportunities for law-abiding firearms owners harder and harder.

 The ABC reported a Riverina man has been charged with 77 offences relating to alleged illegal hunting over a six month period earlier this year.

Police said the charges are a result of an ongoing investigation that began after videos of dogs hunting feral pigs in state

forests were posted on social media.

Police investigators searched a Wagga Wagga property in June and seized items including hunting equipment, dog collars and GPS trackers for forensic examination.

The 48-year-old Kooringal man was charged with a range of illegal hunting, biosecurity and drug offences including 38 counts of "kill, hunt, shoot, poison animal in forestry area".

Police said they will allege in court that the man — who they said is an unlicensed hunter — had conducted illegal hunting activities across New South Wales on 42 occasions between January and June this year.

Detective Sergeant Nott said the charges were "fairly extensive", with police finding "evidence of hunting on both public and private land".

He said the offences were committed "predominantly in the Carabost (State Forest), and within striking distance of the area of Wagga Wagga… a fairly wide-ranging area."

Mr Nott said it was not the first time police have been alerted to illegal hunting activities through a post on social media.

"The nature of these offences is that some of the people committing them like to, sort of boast, and put on show the experiences they've had whilst hunting," he said.

"And often it leads to further inquiries being made and … charges resulting."

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