SAS sniper kills ISIS terrorist 2.4km away using CheyTac M200

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An SAS sniper is said to have shot dead an ISIS jihadi from 2.4km away using the CheyTac M200 rifle.

It took three whole seconds for the bullet to reach its mark - the throat of an Islamic State terrorist in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The soldier is said to have only taken a single shot to take down his man, living up to the gun manufacturer CheyTac's motto of "Make every shot count". 

A source told The Star on Sunday: "It was a classic counter-sniper operation. The ISIS gunman was moving all the time to get into the best position to get a kill.

"It was like a game of cat-and-mouse and at one point the SAS almost gave up, believing that the terrorist had gone to ground.

"Just as the light was beginning to fade the gunman moved into what he thought was a safe location and lifted his rifle up into his shoulder before the SAS shot him dead."

The militant he killed was himself a sniper, using a Russian Dragunov gun and the British soldier had seen him gun down and wound several of his comrades.

His tactic would be to shoot, lay low for an hour, and open fire again.

It comes as the Iraq's special forces declared their mission in Mosul complete on Saturday after the group retook the last western districts from the Islamic State group within their area of operation, according to a military spokesman.

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