Shooters Call For Review of Endangered Ducks

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Many wetlands were closed this year due to numbers of threatened birds reported to be living in these areas. Shooters are calling for a recount as they believe zero science has been used to determine the numbers of "endangered ducks" in the closed wetlands.

The Weekly Times reported the Victorian branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia said “several state game reserves and other wetlands (were) subject to closures this season because of the presence of a high number of Freckled Duck”.

“It makes you wonder if the science used to determine whether or not a species is endangered is being applied,” SSAA Victoria hunting development manager David Laird said.

“The only reason we can see is the Government bowing to pressure from extremist lobby groups who abuse and denigrate our members who are entitled to their lawful and cultural pursuit.”

Mr Laird said rain in Central Australia created “ideal breeding conditions” for ducks ahead of next season and hoped it would “translate into common sense applied to bag limits”.

A Victorian Government spokeswoman told The Weekly Times there were “no plans to review the endangered listing for Freckled Duck in Victoria” and populations could fluctuate significantly.


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