Suppressor Madness – Hundreds of Raids Looming

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In the past week, we have seen some paranoid interpretations of what a suppressor is by the Australian Federal Police. The AFP have intercepted and classified general-purpose objects deeming them to be destined to be made into suppressors.

If the AFP remained consistent, many thousands of Australian’s would be breaking the importation laws by possessing C and D cell MagLites.

This may all sound crazy but documented evidence posted by Steve Larsson proves this as a ridiculous reality.  

The Facebook page Firearms Lawyer also posted that shooters had been in contact with him for the importation of solvent traps.

“In the last 48 hours I have got a spate of calls from shooters who are being raided by Australian Border Force officers who are armed with search warrants and copies of private emails from the shooters ordering from overseas solvent traps”.

“The ABF takes the view that these are in reality silencers and to import them is a Commonwealth offence. The ABF bring along with them State police; and they are finding ammunition where it should not be, crossbows, fancy knives and the sorts of things that so many have without knowing they are illegal”.

“These shooters are being charged with numerous offences. Some I will beat because the police have it wrong, but some will stick.”

“The Commonwealth charges are a problem because importation offences carry savage penalties. The ABF has told one client there are “a hundred” raids coming up. I advise anyone who has bought a solvent trap to get urgent legal advice. Don’t leave it till you get the inevitable knock on the door at dawn”.

If only this much investigation and man-hours was put into the illegal trade and importation of firearms that are destined for criminals. 

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