The Greens Want To Ban All Forms of Hunting

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There are a million and one reasons farmers, fishers, hunters, shooters and outdoors people should not vote for the extreme left Greens; however, they have made it very easy by outlining their intentions as a party. 

The Greens want an end to all forms of hunting in Australia, full stop. A ban on hunting would then lead to a ban on firearms. 

26. A ban on recreational shooting of all animals, including Australian native water birds.

Hopefully, the voting public remember the mess Aussie families were forced to endure when catastrophic fires fueled by limited backburning and ridiculous bush clearing rules saw lives lost and family homes burned to the ground. 

The Greens have also set their sights on fishers looking to lock up the water with their new massive recreational fishing bans. 

The Greens are “spoilers”, that is they are not in the electoral race for the purpose of gaining parliamentary power, but to spoil the mandate given to the elected party by the electorate, in the interests of a privileged few.

The Greens, whether at Federal or State level are extremists existing on the socialists end of parliamentary rhetoric, with no rational, balanced policies which could be acceptable to the Australian electorate at large.

The Greens animal Policies



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