"The Project" Interviews SIFA

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In the wake of a just-released Federal Government report stating that shooting sports and recreational hunting significantly contribute $2.4 billion to the National economy, Senator Bridget McKenzie, Federal Minister for Agrigulture fielded a question from The Project, which produced a segment last night. Shooters have unanimously condemned the segment.

In answer to a question, which was posed by The Project in the presence of many shooting industry volunteer organisation representatives and the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) in the Moroka 30 retail premises, Senator McKenzie gave an impassioned, logical, factual supporting statement defending LAFOs and the associated industry as a significant, vital and vibrant sector of the Australian community. She had her dander up and effectively put the questioner well and truly in the picture - a great performance, recorded on the ADA Facebook page, a link to which appears below. The Project chose not to run McKenzie's response on-air.

Later, in The Project report, the panel grilled Laura Patterson of SIFA and in a tour-de-force performance, Laura dissected and destroyed every argument put to her. The Project segment appears below also. Despite the obvious hostility of The Project team to anything gun-related, they could not win any ground with Laura and her composed and overtly polite rebuttals were a pleasure to watch.

You can bet your lunch that The Project will come back harder to have the last word and that they will research their topic much more closely before they engage SIFA and other representatives of our sport. Forewarned is forearmed.


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