US Troops Extract Delicious Wild Pork to a Black Hawk Helicopter

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Footage has been obtained from an unidentified source that appears to show American troops dragging a wild African warthog into a Black Hawk helicopter. 

Funker530 reported "Again, this footage is unconfirmed in nature, so the location isn't known. While warthog populations are scattered across much of sub-Saharan Africa, they are now also being confirmed in southern Texas, likely escapees from high fence exotic hunting operations or illegally released. The arid, brushy background in the footage could go either way".

While US troops hunting wild animals on duty may ruffle the feathers of the irrelevant, incompetent clowns currently filling leadership positions in the military, a hunter-killer operation concluded with a helicopter hoist extraction makes for great combat training, unit cohesion, and delicious protein intake.

It also gives a shout out to the 2001 film Black Hawk Down, the dramatized Hollywood reenactment of a real-life, star-crossed military operation in Mogadishu, in October 1993. In the film, Delta Force operators kill a warthog from their little bird helicopter and bring it back to base for a BBQ. A pissed off Ranger commander describes the incident as "...another taxpayer-funded Delta safari..."

See the Video Here 



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