Victorian Deer Hunters Can Now Take there Game to Commercial Premises for Processing

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With consistent lobbying from the ADA changes have passed in the Victorian Parliament this week that will make it easier for recreational game hunters to enjoy and share the spoils of the hunt by taking their meat to commercial premises for processing for personal consumption - just like hunters in New Zealand and the USA can do.

The change is a part of the Victorian Government's commitments under the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan and will allow

commercial premises (not licenced with Prime Safe) to process wild shot game for hunters to use and share with their friends and neighbours.

The Australian Deer Association has actively and consistently advocated for this change over a number of years and we applaud the Victorian Government for making it happen.

We see this as the first step in pushing for better use of wild shot game, including pushing for the introduction of a Hunters for the Hungry scheme.

Having seen this extensively utilised in New Zealand I cannot wait to see the increase in game meat utilisation. Last hunt to NZ I was able to sample the spoils of a local harvest that a friend had made. He picked up 20kg of sausages, 5 kg of steaks and 5 kg of beer sticks from his local butcher. 



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