Litgow Factory ‘digital’ rifle makes average marksmen deadly accurate. 

The best hunting podcast list.

This is the first step in pushing for better use of wild shot game.

When all we hear is guns, guns, guns, it means an election is on the horizon. It is not about guns, but politics.

Dalby Vet Clinic near Toowoomba has had a dog return a positive test result to Brucellosis.

The droughts affect on water bird numbers.

One thing that the antis do is they strike when things are emotional … here they are dancing in the blood of victims.

The National Farmers’ Federation has called on governments to act immediately to control Australia’s 24 million-strong feral pig population.

Parks Victoria is using contract marksmen as well as skilled, accredited and authorised volunteer members of the Australian Deer Association to undertake these operations.

Rabbit numbers in parts of Australia are at their lowest levels in more than 30 years.

African swine fever could potentially kill up to 25% of the world’s pig population.

The National Shooting Council’s Neil Jenkins puts the case that many state firearms registries may not have the requisite knowledge and experience to recategorize certain firearms.

What the government has done, is to criminalise being normal.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia condemned a Bank of Queensland decision to deny a retail worker finance because of their employment with a Licensed Firearms Store.

Tasmania still view deer as a valuable resource and their focus is on maintaining a sensible balance between managing the impacts of wild deer on agricultural production and maintaining deer as a valued recreational hunting resource.