Feral horses in Victoria’s High Country are set to be shot after a court rejected claims of their heritage value. Ground control with thermal imaging will be one method used.

Hunting will be allowed for groups up to ten people. Restrictions on camping still apply.

This is really good news for the almost 19,000 R-Licence hunters across NSW.

Social media posts are landing more and more people in hot water as they share experiences where they are in breach of the law.

Our focus is on achieving the best balance between managing the impacts of wild deer on agricultural production, conservation areas and forestry, and maintaining deer as a valued recreational hunting resource.

"The Labor governments of Victoria and Western Australia proactively sought approval for their intentions to ban gun sales".

Aerial culling took out deer, wild dogs, goats and one fox yet the most destructive horses were left avoiding the scientific recommendations.

Firearms owners and retailers from Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia have been discriminated against since the start of this pandemic.

Please don’t think if you pack up your fishing, camping or hunting gear this Easter or school holiday break and travel into country NSW that you are doing it legally – you are not.

No hunting, fishing, boating or camping and make sure your gun safe is in good order.

Gun shop owners will fight the decision to suspend the sale of guns and ammunition in Victoria which seems to have nothing to do with the virus.

Licensed armourers and licensed dealers will now be able to provide essential services to primary producers and other industries which rely on weapons to do their jobs.

All camping on State forests is banned until further notice.

SIFA goes into bat for the small players in the firearm industry.

Hunting, fishing and social distancing work hand in hand.

If only we could make use of a resource that is often wasted by culling operations in many areas where hunters are not permitted to hunt.