Police did not blame themselves for granting the permit, and are now targeting anyone who shoots and who is involved in a Family Law break up.

Duck shooters call out the process to count ducks.

GCA president Samantha Lee says the figure most alarming to her is the $1.7 million given to the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia to upgrade its gun clubs.

The US trend of many more women taking up shooting sports is echoed to a lesser degree in Australia, but encouraging nonetheless.

Former senator and Victorian timber worker Ricky Muir will contest next month's federal election for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

Professional night shooters are calling for a deer bounty that is only available to certified shooters. They also want access to crown lands to make their night shooting operations more viable.

More funding requested to reduce feral deer, goat and pig populations destroying aquatic ecosystems and threatened fish in water catchment areas.

Everything you need to know to legally shoot kangaroos in NSW.

So you can vote for the people who will do their best to look after the interests of outdoorspeople.

Law abiding farmers and hunters have seen their fair share of extreme activist behaviour this year and finally these groups are now in the parliaments sights.

Imagine what VicPol would do to a shooter if he or she lost hundreds of guns?

NSW Shadow Treasurer, Ryan Park has called on the government to increase funding by $400,000 to address the "out of control rampant wild deer population in the Illawarra".

A former property officer for the Queensland Police Service was found with 42 seized firearms after he shot himself accidentally in the garage.

The Government has bowed to Chris Packham and is banning most pigeon, crow, gull and Canada goose shooting in England.