SIFA call on FedEx / TNT to do the right thing and work with the Australian firearms industry before their decision has broader impacts on public safety, national security and Australia's economy.

A hunter who acted recklessly was found guilty and sentenced to one year's jail after he opened fire on another man, killing his dog, a court has been told.

NSW hunters contributed 1.4 billion dollars to the economy last year even though they were heavily confined with COVID restrictions.

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TNT Pulls Rug Out From Aussie Shooters

Activities like recreational shooting, domestic firewood collecting, and prospecting, which were previously permitted in state forests, will be banned in the new national parks.

There is a modern cottage industry growing in ethically-sourced game meat.

Pre-rut Javan rusa herd in Indonesia. Image: Candra Firmansyah

Queensland Police and Legislators impede implementation of National Gun Amnesty in their state.

Tania Harris and her 14yo son Les take their clay target shooting very seriously, and when they are shooting, there is nothing one likes more than beating the other for bragging rights.

It would be of little surprise to duck hunters that the weekends GMA drone sting to detect illegal activity at Lake Connewarre only found illegal protesters.

The cancel and ban culture of Australia has never been more prominent.

We are continually seeing the registry and Police abusing its power, and this case is about as ridiculous as it gets.

The Shooters Union Australia highlight potential gun bans from recent proposed amendments to firearm import laws.

While Victorian hunters are still locked down a sambar stag has decided to check out what is the ghost town of Melbourne.

I don’t get many messages like this, although my record for “death threats” from animal rights and anti-hunting extremists is 88 in one 24-hour period. Jim Shockey.