Pauline Hanson states that her recent trip to the shooting range to promote One Nations new gun policy was one of the ‘best days in 20 years’ of her life. Role model Salim Mehajer slams the One Nation leader for the range outing.

OMG! Not this bulls..t again ...

For too long, the QLD Labor Government has been beating LAFOs over the head with sneaky new laws.

"When seconds count the police are only minutes away."

iHUNT Expo has been designed by hunters within the industry to meet the needs of both the novice hunter, to the most seasoned, with a strong emphasis on education, quality equipment, services, and products.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers performed strongest of all 13 groups in the primary Orange City Council vote. The major parties grossly underestimated the support Sam Romano received from the local vote.

People directly affected by kangaroo numbers have been saying it for years. Australian needs to embrace kangaroo meat and utilise a resource that is often left to rot in a paddock.

Deer have been in the spotlight over the past week with multiple articles published out of Victoria. The theme of the articles revolves around sambar deer numbers and “exploding populations”.

Local Labor pollie wants to evict shooters from ANZAC

Shooters force a Police backdown on proposed Firearms Regulation.

The Greens and Shoebridge never miss an opportunity to push their agendas, even if it means leveraging the death of a young child.

Banana growers concerned about the "explosion" of feral pig numbers and their potential to spread the Panama TR4 virus are being urged to make use of category D weapons to control numbers.

Police Minister Troy Grant has unveiled government’s plan to supercharge trespass laws and boost fines for poaching and illegal hunting.

Continual red tape from Greens preventing the culling of kangaroos across NSW is angering rural and regional farmers.

Gun Control warn of collapsing gun laws as LAFO find themselves more restricted than ever.