If horses in Kosciuszko National Park are not culled the ecosystem may never fully recover.

Only about 200m up the hill we noticed a nice stag with grass pretty much covering his antlers ...

It is a fight to ensure ideology doesn't overtake governments, resulting in bad decisions in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Victoria's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning will not be culling horses even though new research looking at the impact of feral horses in Australia's alpine parks system has concluded that aerial culling is needed.

Starting from Monday 10th February, aerial shooting operations will take place on fire-affected public land in the Mount Buffalo National Park and Alpine National Park.

A farmer's fight to legalise suppressors has seen the Queensland Government move the goalposts when they didn't get the result that they were after.

Victoria’s duck shooting season has been delayed as two Andrews Government ministers remain at odds over whether to go ahead.

Bail has been refused for a Kelso man after he was found in possession of 13 gel blasters.

“The call to cancel the duck shooting season is an annual tradition for animal activists, and their attempt to link it to the bushfires this year is outrageously cynical.”

Magistrate Fiona Toose said that in her opinion people who have firearms silencers generally have them because they want to shoot someone or something without it making a noise.

A cull of the ACT’s eastern grey kangaroo population is conducted each year between 1 March and 31 July in the Canberra Nature Park and public lands to ease the impact of grazing on other native fauna and flora.

Ridgeline Clothing Australia together with your support has been able to donate $22,200.00 to Rural Aid, specifically their Buy a Bale campaign.

The devastation from our catastrophic bush-fires will be long felt. Our scorched landscape has become native hunting grounds for foxes, wild dogs and cats.

No mention of open government, fairness, rationality or effectiveness. The Guidelines actually in the decision-making flow chart asks the decision maker ’Will the decision have a significant impact on public perception of the FR’.