1080 baiting is fiercely debated across New Zealand. Hunters often lead these debates as they frequent the areas that the Department of Conservation (DOC) drop the baits.

Wild Tasmanian venison might soon be on local and interstate restaurant menus under a new State Government management strategy.

A gun dealer and feral pig shooter from Mackay who secured One Nation's first, and likely only seat in the state election will be a strong voice for regional Queensland.

NSW Police pushes back go-live on new firearms system

POLICE are still searching for the culprit who shot and left for dead seven brumbies on an isolated road near Ben­ambra in Victoria’s High Country last month.

Three adults are lying in a vegetative state in a North Island hospital and may be paralysed for life after eating what is thought to be contaminated wild boar.

There is nothing better than a failed PETA campaign. A Queensland local council will not back down on a controversial bounty that offers $10 for the scalps of feral cats

They use overseas victims to advance their anti-gun agendas and push our political leaders to hold media conferences to offer so called “solutions”.

Unemployed and broke, two-time Olympic shooting champion Michael Diamond lists his gold medals for auction.

Shooters are getting stronger and pollies are seeing the writing on the wall. Hence their filthy political tactics against you and me.

Pretty coloured maps outlining firearm numbers in suburbs is the latest tool of the anti-firearm brigade

Mr Dunstan had his firearms seized by NSW Police after he apprehended an armed intruder at his Bungowannah home with his unloaded 22 calibre rifle at 3am on September 14.

The cost of rabbits, wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs and other vertebrate pests on the Australian agricultural industry is now as high as $797 million per year – with wild dog costs nearly double, since the last analysis.

Victoria is the hunting state of Australia. The money hunting injects into the rural communities across Victoria is not going unnoticed as hunting grows in popularity nationwide.

A monstrous boar takes out the 2017 Pig and Pussy Competition.