Hunters would be given a bounty for every feral pig they kill.

Private hunting park Sentosa in Gippsland for sale.

Fours Corners fake news story exposes their fear of voting firearm owners.

Stephen Larsson has produced a poster to update the current status of firearm suppressors in NSW.

South Australian Liberal MP Rowan Ramsey said animal welfare activists had successfully reduced the demand for kangaroo products.

The Green's are looking to remove or dramatically reduce the only successful control mechanism currently in place - Recreational hunting.

Danny Vanbrugh from Queensland has described his buffalo hunt in which he was gored and sustained injuries requiring more than 10 rounds of surgery.

This unholy alliance of anti-LAFOs aims to make it harder for you to own a gun.

David Yaffa, proprietor of Yaffa Media, dies at 84.

There's more flatulence coming out of the UN than a million cows,

With Shooters, Fishers and Farmers united, we have a formidable political force to force government's hand.

SFF introduces 10 Year Marine Park Moratorium Bill in NSW Parliament; Greens don't like it. Surprise us!

NZ Government forced to consult on planned tahr cull.

A new senate inquiry into the growing impacts of deer, pigs and goats in Australia will be driven out of the Invasive Species Council.

India's most-celebrated hunter is recruited for controversial mission to shoot man-eating beast blamed for 13 deaths.