The petition proposes to allow councils to tailor their responses to their local circumstances, allowing them to consider the benefits of deer as a sustainable resource, rather than just the negative impacts as is currently the case.

Australia’s preeminent sporting rifle manufacturer, Lithgow Arms, has partnered with Fuller Global and Outdoor Sporting Agencies (OSA) to grow Lithgow Arms.

Yaffa Media welcomes Mick Matheson as editor of Sporting Shooter.

It would seem that the Animal Justice Party is so far detached from the damage that feral animals are causing in Australia that it would prefer to see them eating Australian natives.

A preliminary consultation paper was leaked to the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party regarding the Edwards Inquests Findings and Other Legislative Proposals.

Changes to category D licences have again been made without proper consultation with stakeholders.

Afterpay and Zip have implemented a new set of rules excludeding firearms sales from some forms of short-term financing options.

The February issue is now on the news stands - grab yours before they all go.

The Finnish Defence Forces have signed a contract for procuring two configurations of the Sako M23 rifle system in a bid to increase the precision and range of its infantry.

These acts of poaching and cruelty should never have the word hunter associated with them.

Dingo populations would be reintroduced into Victorian forests as an eco-friendly method of pest control.

Kyle Sandilands takes NSW Police to court after refusing his permit to acquire.

The report identifies the economic, environmental and social benefits hunting brings to Victoria.

Cognitive dissonance seems to resonate when the Government calls on shooters to reduce rabbit numbers around the Parliament House.

Australia's own bullet manufacturer, Woodleigh has had its factory destroyed.

Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin is requests increased funding for further aerial culling of deer from the Limestone Coast South Australia.