Licensed armourers and licensed dealers will now be able to provide essential services to primary producers and other industries which rely on weapons to do their jobs.

All camping on State forests is banned until further notice.

SIFA goes into bat for the small players in the firearm industry.

Hunting, fishing and social distancing work hand in hand.

If only we could make use of a resource that is often wasted by culling operations in many areas where hunters are not permitted to hunt.

After the summer’s devastating bushfires, the New South Wales government announced a plan to airdrop one million poisoned baits in the state’s most vulnerable regions over the next year.

In Tasmania an alliance has formed with farmers, processors, chefs and shooters joining forces to lobby the Tasmanian Government to allow commercial processing of wild deer.

NSW Police Minister David ­Elliott is facing the prospect of criminal charges after photographs surfaced of him allegedly shooting two prohibited weapons at a shooting range without an ­appropriate licence.

Curiosity could soon put a big dent in the Australia’s feral cat populations.

Tasmanian Police informed the pilot that it was illegal to own the gun without a permit or exemption and that the wooden replica would be seized.

Justice has prevailed after police dropped a charge stemming from a duck hunters confrontation with animal rights activists in Geelong.

There is considerable uncertainty in the minds of shooters about the circumstances under which children and adolescents can access and use firearms.

Hunters should be outraged by the announcement of a short 5 week duck season commencing on May 2 with a bag of three birds per day and no Blue-winged shoveler. See the 2020 regulations.

Red tape saw 40 firearms removed from the museum for 18 months.

The Central West Daily has reported a man has faced court on a swag of charges after police found a stash of firearms allegedly hidden in the bullbar of his vehicle.

If horses in Kosciuszko National Park are not culled the ecosystem may never fully recover.

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