With summer just around the corner, it is vital to be prepared for snakes and potentially a snake bite. It's better to be informed with facts about snake bites, so you do not hesitate if the time comes.

Wild dogs are killing koalas – too many koalas - pushing vulnerable populations to the brink of extinction, according to recent studies.

If any hunter or member of the public admitted or filmed themselves running down four deer in their car, they would end up in jail or face a very hefty fine under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.

With firearms licensing laws that appear to be open to interpretation, we hear more and more cases like this one.

A win for hunters - Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick gets put back in his place.

Get 25% of Australia's Number 1 Hunting Magazine - Sporting Shooter.

This is just the start "we will still need to access and apply other control measures in the near future".

Several sows on its property were direct offspring of Danish boars.

NSW Game Licence no longer needed on private property.

Landcare are providing a number of resources to assist landholders to participate in the culling program including the provision of grain for free feeding and poisoning, as well as the provision of traps at no cost.

If anyone needs to be across the argument to convince family and friends that hunters are responsible and do not conduct wholesale slaughter on wetlands, they should read this article.

Latest research into deer hunting in Victoria shows the highest number of licensed recreational deer hunters harvesting the highest number of deer recorded.

More than 300,000 feral camels are wreaking havoc across the outback – with one farmer claiming he had to shoot as many as two every minute to protect cattle and save precious water.

AUSTRALIA should follow India in seriously considering a boycott of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Serial offender Natalie Cepeniuk has been convicted of spotlighting deer on private property. Unfortunately, they are still described as hunters in the media.

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