• Barnaul Steel-Cased Ammunition
    Barnaul Steel-Cased Ammunition

By Tony Pizzata

New distributors for Barnaul centrefire ammunition Extreme Outdoor Sports recently sent us some of their new Barnaul ammo to test. Now many shooters out there who do high-volume shooting in service rifle or field class disciplines, or indeed do a lot of feral animal control want to minimize their costs. With the price of ammo only ever going to increase from now on, Barnaul is onto a winner with this steel-cased ammo which comes in .223, 7.62 x 39 Russian, .308 Winchester, 7.62 x 54 Russian and .30/06 Springfield.

Our editor Marcus and I got to shoot some .223 and .308 steel cased, soft point ammo and it fulfilled expectations. The 62gr copper-jacketed soft point functioned fine in Marcus’ CZ .223 Varminter and a No4 Enfield conversion. In ..308 we used one of his target rifles and an old No4 Enfield Conversion and again no hangups whatsoever with the 140gr soft point ammo.

The .223 cases were lacquer-coated and the 308’s polymer coated. For those who require a cheap way to shoot in volume, the new Barnaul ammo fits the bill.

Ask for it at your local gun shop. Dealer enquiries to Extreme Outdoor Sports. Phone 0402 301134. Website: www.extremeoutdoorsports.com.au

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