• Federal Vital Shok Ammo
    Federal Vital Shok Ammo

From Tony Pizzata

Right off the back of the success of the Federal .308 Tactical Urban load (130gr Speer Hollow Point) that was so popular with Aussie shooters, comes the new Federal Vital-Shock hollow point range for several calibers. This range of factory ammunition has been specifically made for the Australian market and features the Speer hollow point projectile which should be equally as popular in .223, .22-250 and .243.

This premium ammo, now available at bargain prices, comes packed in Federal’s Premium Vital-Shock packaging with a distinctive Aussie logo on the front. Available now through all leading gun shops Australia wide, they come in a 52gr. Speer HP for ..223 Rem, 52gr Speer HP for .22-250 Rem, 75gr Speer HP for .243Win plus a 130gr Speer HP for .308 Win. To find out more, ask at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries contact Australian agents NIOA. www.nioa.com.au

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