• Herron Steel Collet Die Caps
    Herron Steel Collet Die Caps


New from Herron's is machined steel die caps made for the immensely popular Lee Precision Collet Neck Sizing Dies. For those who don't know about Lee's Collet Dies, they are used by handloaders to neck size only their fired cases. People like Benchrest Shooters, Fullbore Target Shooters and Service Rifle Shooters use them extensively for several reasons including:

  • They stress the brass of the case neck less as they are squeezed onto a mandrel instead of having a neck expander ball dragged through them.
  • Use of normal full length sizing dies with expander balls can set up lack of concentricity or runout in case necks, which destroys accuracy.

  • No case lube is necessary for the neck-only sizing operation, so it saves time.


Until now, the Lee Collet Die cap from the factory was made from machined aluminium with a rubber O-ring. This could conceivably set up a galvanic reaction between the tool steel die body and alloy cap, if unlubricated. Now, with the Herron-manufactured steel die body caps, that won't happen. They come with a quality rubber O-Ring seal and should be available soon in gun shops where Lee Precision reloading gear is sold.
Distributed in Australia by Herron security and Sport.


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