The Brightest "Double-Header"

It was with some trepidation that I took delivery of the latest offering from LED Lenser, the spacy-looking twin-beam X14 hand flashlight. It was prototype – the only one in Australia- so I was pleased to do the testing and get it safely back to Zen Imports, the distributor. I also felt privileged to be the first to review it in Australia.

Now readers will know I am a fan of LED Lenser torches and I routinely carry one in my hunting backpack for the eventuality of a dusk kill followed by butchering in the dark and carry out to the vehicle. The newer MT7 230 lumen torch has amazingly efficient power usage so that I don’t even have to carry spare batteries. At a neat inch across, it fits neatly in an on-scope wing-nut bracket that allows spotlighting “out a fur piece”; In 2 words, I’d describe it as “neat” and “quality”

The prototype X14 I reviewed has won the coveted European IF Design Award; understandable given its pleasing clean lines. It exhibited the same bombproof build quality characteristic of all LED Lenser products I have seen and used. With a black anodised high-grade alumnium water resistant knurled casing of 38mm diameter, at 181mm in length, it is a bit bulkier and heavier (at 420 g) than the P7/MT7 series. This is necessary to hold the increased size and output of a battery pack-switch unit that houses four AA batteries, not AAAs like its cousin. When you consider that it is driving twin very high output beams in its USS Enterprise-like head unit, that is understandable.

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