• Want a deer like this? Talk to RIDGE!
    Want a deer like this? Talk to RIDGE!

In breaking news I’ve just had a call from Clark McGhie, who is heavily involved in the RIDGE balloted red deer hunting program in Queensland.  The annual hunting ballot is currently underway and while some awesome trophies have been taken, the roar is later this year and the first week was rained out. As a result, some hunters have pulled out. The organisation is looking for extra hunters, in a hurry! According to Clark, the last week of the ballot could well provide the best hunting this year. They’re even considering running the hunt for an extra week. If you’re the slightest bit interested in a late notice opportunity for self-guided, free-range red deer hunting in Queensland, you should drop Clark an email on clarkmcghie@bigpond.com

For the record, RIDGE stands for Research Into Deer Genetics and Environment. They are a not-for-profit organisation that actively supports co-operation between landowners and hunters by providing legal access through a balloted hunting system. This system provides the opportunity for gathering research data and educating new hunters towards an ethical approach to hunting, while at the same time allowing the participating landowners to obtain a financial reward from wild deer on their land. There is a cost for hunting, but it is much less than if you were to book through a commercial guide. For further information, email Clark (as above) or head check out the RIDGE website


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