New additions to the Swarovski Z-series riflescope line should prove attractive to those demanding hunters who don’t mind paying for top quality optics whose field performance is unsurpassed.

The Austria-based company Swarovski Optik dates back to 1895 in the Tirolean town of Wattens, but it wasn’t until 1935 that they produced the prototype for a binocular, laying the foundation for the company’s newly developed optics division. The division moved in 1948 to Absam in Tyrol, where Swarovski Optik was founded in 1949, but the first Swarovski riflescope, a 4x32, didn’t appear until 1959.

The company eventually won a worldwide reputation for high quality optics that has it ranked alongside Zeiss. Today, Swarovski Optik is famous for its top-quality binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes. Like the other products the riflescopes are the result of intensive research, innovative product ideas, up-to-date design and strict quality control, resulting in unsurpassed precision and crystal clear optics.

Swarovski Optik has gone out of its way to find out what American (and Aussie) hunters want in their scopes. The latest result; a new range of Z-series scopes featuring one-inch, one- piece tubes, with reticles in the second focal plane, longer eye- relief and a wider field of view. These scopes exhibit the exceptional light transmission, image brilliance, and quality of contruction we have come to expect from Swarovski.

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