Serious light in an eenie-weenie package.

Anyone regularly reading Sporting Shooter will know that LED Lenser produce some of the most powerful, economical and tough compact hand torches on the market. Pound for pound, the P7 series in its three incarnations over the years has pushed the performance / reliability envelope further each time.

The heart of these torches and its larger and smaller siblings carrying the LED Lenser name is an integrated reflector and lens in the same unit, allowing phenomenal light output for the power they use, while allowing no dark spots within the beam. Their battery life is unsurpassed in the industry, running over 100 hours in many models, when used on standard light output settings. Regular torch users appreciate that economy, not having to dig into their pockets repeatedly for expensive alkaline replacements.

The H14 - what’s the difference?
The previous standard LED Lenser headlamp, The H7 (and rechargeable H7R) is a delightful lightweight and compact unit, powered from a three-AAAs in a waterproof battery housing worn on the back of the headstrap. With 140 lumen output, advanced focus and a rheostat-type lever adjuster that regulates light output, it weighs SFA and is an essential to put in a hunter’s or fisherman’s daypack.

Enter the H14 (or H14R rechargeable) and you step up in many ways.  Firstly and most noticeably is the size and weight of the unit. Coming in at roughly double the weight and bulk of the H7 series, the serious backpack hunter would need some assurance that the performance increase would justify this penalty. No problems there, Horatio - read on.

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