Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is really losing his patience with anti-meat activists, who he says ‘hate’ him ... and it seems the feeling is mutual.

Crazy lightening storm erupts behind buck and is caught on trail camera.

An Alabama man said he shot and killed a massive feral hog in self-defence when it wandered into his front yard and caused the family dog to go berserk.

A power outage in the southwest Kansas town of Lakin was caused by a bobcat that had climbed a power pole and was electrocuted.

The Afghan military was running around the brown desert wearing a camo pattern that might as well have been green Realtree camo

Animal rights activists have slammed UK supermarket after it began selling kangaroo burgers in stores last week

Real statistics around US gun control by Ted Nugent

The Ideal Conceal pistol, a .380 calibre handgun that can be folded up to look like a generic smartphone

Researchers spotted a deer chewing on a human rib during a study aimed at examining how human remains decompose in the wild.

ISIS militants were killed late Sunday when a group of feral hogs attacked them in Kirkuk, near a farmland in al-Rashad.

Fossil discovered by a hunter has been identified as a new species of prehistoric sea creature.

A hunter was in for a surprise this week when he bagged a pregnant feral pig. After butchering the animal a piglet with way too many legs appeared.

These same people call the hunters deranged and crazy – but people are willing to say just about anything behind the ‘safety’ of a keyboard.

Jacob Breeden, of Culpeper County in Virginia, recently shot a 250kg hog. This makes it one of the biggest the area has ever seen.

After the mandatory 60-day drying period ended, the massive elk antlers upheld all the hype. The elk’s official entry score was confirmed at an astounding 430 inches.