The slaughter is set to seriously damage over 500 businesses and change the face of tahr hunting as we know it.

This hunter is not letting a few "uneducated hypocrites" get in the way of her passion.

Gun and ammunition stores are seeing an increase in sales as fears about the corona virus pandemic mount.

The animal libbers "were not in the best interest of community livelihoods and wildlife conservation".

Was it just forgotten? Did something happen to its owner? Did a hunter leave it, intending to come back and find it.

And here it is! The trailer for Deer Wars.

59 yo women, attacked and killed by pigs in ‘one of the worst cases ever seen'.

Wild boar in Italy have no shortage of enemies, from farmers and vineyard owners to motorists, but to that long list can now be added drug dealers.

Be sure they are dead before you start handling deer.

185kg moving hazard has been cought on a golf course.

LifeCard 22 LR Pistol is the size of a Credit Card – that’s 1/2″ thick. It unfolds to a handgun with a full size grip.

Safety is paramount and hunting in the wilderness opens up great learning opportunities.

An enormous Irish elk has been brought to the surface by 2 fishermen in Lough Neagh, a large freshwater lake in Northern Ireland.

A leopard caused panic in the Indian city of Jalandhar as it went on the prowl for several hours attacking inhabitants before it was tranquilised.

Poaching is taken serious in the USA and Canada as these bear poachers found out.