With simple safety principles being followed these freak accidents could be easily avoided.

Hunt protester trespassing on private property gets a whipping from a local hunts women.

The reversal of knee jerk policy restricting the importation of elephants was short lived.

This isn’t the traditional way of taking a deer, but boy is it a funny story.

A man in Texas was having a little bit of a turf war with a 188 kg feral pig he called “the bush beast” that kept killing fawns on his property.

Shooting disciplines have been confirmed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, but the price to pay will be high. Several events and disciplines will be cancelled, while others will be replaced by "mixed team" events

Shot show USA displayed guns that had been lost and then found some time later. The stories of these rifles are interesting.

The ingeniopus use of space in crowded overseas cities has led to construction of multi-deck indoor and underground ranges.

A grizzly bear has mauled a bow hunter in the US state of Montana, slashing a 41-centimeter cut in his head that required 90 stitches.

Recently, PETA released a new Facebook filter for profile images. The filter promotes the act of shooting selfies, and demotes the right to shooting animals.

India's top hunter told how he felled a rogue elephant which had killed 15 people in a series of attacks since March.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is really losing his patience with anti-meat activists, who he says ‘hate’ him ... and it seems the feeling is mutual.

Crazy lightening storm erupts behind buck and is caught on trail camera.

An Alabama man said he shot and killed a massive feral hog in self-defence when it wandered into his front yard and caused the family dog to go berserk.

A power outage in the southwest Kansas town of Lakin was caused by a bobcat that had climbed a power pole and was electrocuted.