“Inked Huntress” Receives Hundreds of Death Threats a Day Just for Hunting

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If you are a hunter in the public eye, you are going to face criticism for doing what you love. Whether it’s criticism stemming from ignorance (how do they think their ancestors managed to survive) or purely from hate, the internet has no shortage of hate filled ramblings directed at hunters.

I have firsthand experience with this on my Youtube channel . Daily I receive messages wishing my children to die of stomach cancer. Trolls justify hating a hunter by threatening to kill them and their kids makes no sense to me at all. These same people call the hunters deranged and crazy – but people are willing to say just about anything behind the ‘safety’ of a keyboard.

A British Columbia woman, known on social media as the inked huntress, has found herself the target of online hatred because of her passion for hunting.

Jacine Jadresko of Victoria, BC, who appeared in the fifth estate’s “The Hunter and The Hunted,” said after being on that show, she receives “200 or more death threats a day.” 

“Things so vile as people telling me they’re going to kidnap my son and I and they’re gonna skin him alive and hang him from a tree.”

“Hunting is not about killing for me, I have a huge respect for each species that I hunt and each animal that I harvest and they’re each very special to me,” she says.

What exactly does Jadresko have to say to all her haters out there?

“The more you hate, the more I kill,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

There you have it all you anti-hunting, angry internet trolls, be nicer to her online and you just might save an animal.


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