Yukon High School Teaches Ethical Hunting

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Porter Creek students learn hunting
Porter Creek students learn hunting.

Porter Creek Secondary School in the wilds of the Yukon teaches hunting to its students and they have taken to it with great eagerness. This Facebook video shows them cycling into the wilderness with their teachers, hunting a bison and getting one and then bringing it back to school for a cook-up.

Safety is paramount and the wilderness opens up great learning opportunities which the students and staff find most beneficial.

On the first day of their school's first-ever hunting trip, six Whitehorse teenagers were able to harvest a 680-kilogram bison.

The students all attend Porter Creek Secondary School and are in grades 8 and 10. 

"To be honest, it's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of hunt," said Terry Milne, a teacher at the school. "There was so much that happened."

It was carried out through the school's outdoor experiential learning program and while other Yukon schools have offered hunting trips before, this was the first for Porter Creek.

The lack of snow also meant snowmobiles were no longer an option.

Instead, the students and teachers turned to a unique mode of transportation, not typically used when hunting.

They rode fat bikes.

C'mon Australia, we are dragging the chain here.



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