Versatile and effective, this new firearm from Franchi is a perfect long-range gun with excellent ballistic accuracy.

The New Howa Carbon Elevate series is designed for the next level of Howa performance and value.

The stunning 1782 is available in four variants, Classic style stock with either 24”or 26” barrel and German style stock in 24” or 26” barrel.

The Ruger American Hunter is available in either 6.5 Creedmoor or 308 Win.

The T3x Lite Veil Wideland is the perfect companion for mountain terrains and snowy landscapes.

The Hex-Lock Action can be altered for left-hand use and/or variable bolt handle angles for verstatility.

Savage's simple bi-directional bolt travel allows for fast follow up shots, with quicker target reacquisition for instinctive, repeatable accuracy.

OSA Australia have just announced the release of the Sauer 101 Highland XTC. This is the lightest gun Sauer have ever made at just 2500g.

The CZ 457 Synthetic 22LR combining the same metal parts of the 457 American with a new synthetic stock.

You too could win and awesome TSA Outdoors sponsored Weatherby rifle like Duane. See how.

At 125 yards off a bench, it put five CCI standard bullets into a ¾-inch elevation spread and I knew it was sweet.

From its match-grade chamber out, the R2Mi rifle is built to shatter all previous expectations for long-range accuracy.

The NEW Ranger 22 brings a rimfire rifle back to the Christensen Arms lineup. The Ranger 22 weighs in starting at 5.1 pounds and is backed by a Christensen Arms Sub-MOA at 50 Yards Guarantee.

Fast handling, tactical ergonomic fit, quick follow up shots, with an all weather Cerakote finish!

You can throw out a 405gn cast bullet with enough energy to seriously ruin ferals' days.

“The X-Bolt is our technology leader,” says Cummins who calls it a “tremendous offering” in terms of what you get as a hunting rifle.