NEW In Australia - a .45 caliber air rifle

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Air Force Texan .45 Calibre PCP Air Rifle
Air Force Texan .45 Calibre PCP Air Rifle


The Air Arms Texan Air Rifle in .45 Calibre

Well I knew they existed for a while in the good ol' USA, but thought the "poh-leece" here would not let them into the hands of us LAFOs, because we are just such irresponsible rednecks, don-cha know.

But praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, coz thay's here, thanks to the boys at C.R. Kennedy, who import many fine optic lines, firearms and drones and fine photo imaging products. And I believe that they are classified as Category A, mores the better.

When I called in on Matt Scanlan and Victor Jetten at the Melbourne SHOT Expo last weekend I saw one of these babies

Bullet Expansion
Bullet Expansion

and I got really excited - something totally out of the ordinary to excite jaded shooters.

Ballistic Gelatin Penetration
Awesome Ballistic Gelatin Penetration

You see, this magnificent PCP air rifle is beautifully made and a fully-fledged hunting rifle capable of taking mid-sized deer,

.45 Calibre 405gn cast bullet
.45 Calibre 405gn cast bullet

pigs and goats as well as small game. In a highly accurate, easy shooting style, you can throw out a 405gn cast bullet with enough energy to seriously ruin ferals' days with a velocity ceiling of 1150fps (with lighter bullets). 

Now I am going to do my darned-dest to get one up to Nick Harvey post haste to run it through its paces and I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

Meantime, get a look at this old video made by IraqVeteran8888 to whet your appetitie.

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