Franchi's new Horizon rifle is designed as a stalking rifle to be carried lots and ready when you are.

The AccuStock secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, the 110 Varmint provides the fit and function of a custom rifle.

Beretta Australia announced the Tikka T1x will be coming soon to Australian shores.

The trigger may also be set to a two stage trigger with the option to set the trigger travel and pull weight of the fi rst and second stage individually by the user.

Plinking with an air rifle just hit a new level.

Hornady has introduced a new Short Magnum cartridge, the 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge).

The Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle is the next-generation chassis system. Developed with a 100% proprietary chassis and weighing less than 7lbs.

This air rifle offers recoil-less PCP with 10 shot magazine, smooth easy cocking action and a soft-touch black stock.

Lithgow Arms introduces the LA105 Woomera in 6.5mm Creedmoor and 308 Winchester.

GCPrecision's products are 100% practical and functional, giving not only the looks, but the service life and performance to back it up.

OSA Australia have just listed the new Howa Aussie Precision Chassis rifle. The rifle is guaranteed sub MOA and is sure to be very popular in the Australian market.

The Tikka T3x Tac A1 is an amazing rifle. I tested it in 6.5 Creedmoor out to 1000 yards and it just performed round after round.

It features Ruger’s Power Bedding integral bedding blocks, Ruger’s Marksman adjustable trigger and a smooth operating detachable rotating magazine.

This is the rifle for hunters who value the flexibility and adaptability of being able to make ergonomic adjustments.

The Hawkeye FTW Hunter is a precision, all weather, multipurpose hunting rifle capable of performing at a high level in a wide range of conditions.

Sako is manufacturing a limited edition of numbered Sako TRG 22 “Finland 100” sniper rifles with white camouflage, inspired by Finland’s 100-year anniversary. This jubilee model is a true collector’s item.