The Axis II package has been considerably upgraded from the original Axis package.

Christensen Arms has announced its newest bolt-action rifle, the Mesa. Featuring a featherlight, stainless-steel barrel and carrying the Christensen Arms' Sub-MOA guarantee.

The new 33 Nosler is one of the more advanced cartridges to hit the market it quite some time. It has the same case as the rest of the Nosler lineup, the 404 Jeffery, but this new cartridge fires a .338 instead.

First look at the Henry “Long Ranger” When You Need Distance And Precision.

This superb action in combination with a free floating BERGARA barrels guarantees excellent accuracy.

With an all-up weight of 6.5lbs without scope and mounts, the Hunter is ready

It has been officially cleared for import as a Cat. B firearm in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

These features cover some 19 variant builds in the new Tikka T3x family.

I was visibly wobbly in my normally rock-solid prone position at 50 metres ...

This stock features rubber grip surfaces on forend and grip areas.

John Lewis' iron-sighted Mossberg WW2 vintage training rifle garnered 145/150.

In .308 Win. this handy rifle will deliver on game.

Kimber seem to know how to make a quintessential hunting rifle.

The .300 Win. mag. in a Ruger M77 Hawkeye is a winning combination.

Want a smooth, sophisticated pellet rifle? This is your baby.

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