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The CZ 455 Super Match .22
Fine tuning extracts excellent performance from the new CZ…/JOHN RUTKAY

Little Giant Killer
A faster rifling twist gets the .223 punching above its weight…/MARCUS O’DEAN

Savage 110 BA Long Action .338 Lapua.
Exceptional long range performance from Savage’s biggest rifle…/JOHN ROBINSON

Escort Silver Synthetic 12G U/O       
Lots of features on this rugged and economical under and over…/PAUL JONES

Monopods, bipods and gun rests from Highland
Handy shooting accessories for better accuracy…/PAUL JONES

The APRS .308 – Made in Australia
The Nightforce-APRS .308 betters its ½ MoA accuracy guarantee…/JOHN RUTKAY

Bushnell Fusion 1600 Rangefinder Binoculars
Long ranging precision and long range vision combined in this outfit…/ MARCUS O’DEAN

SASS Ruger Vaqueros
Ruger’s Special Edition single action revolvers…/JERAMIAH

Getting the lead in…
All you need to know about cast bullet design and performance…/ED WARD

Danish Classic – The Schultz and Larsen M97 DL 7mm Remington Magnum
Tradition and innovation combine in this accurate switch barrel rifle…/JOHN ROBINSON

Tanfoglio Competition Autloaders
Out-of-the-box performers for Practical Pistol shooters…/JOHN ROBINSON

Tikka T3 Super Varmint .223
Bench-rest performance from this top-of-the-line Tikka…/PAUL JONES

Straight Pull Rifles
Military bolt action rifle development left these unusual actions behind…/BOB SHELL

End of an Era – The S&W Model 10
The life and times of Smith and Wesson’s iconic police and service revolver…/ Paul Scarlata

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