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Caesar Guerini Magnus Under and Over 12 G
Top performance and top appearance from this fine Italian shotgun/PAUL JONES

Barska Digital Multi-Reticle Riflescope
One scope – six reticle choices at the push of a buton/JAC K CRAWFORD

Howa 1500 .308 Fluted Barrel
New model of Howa’s popular bolt action loses a little weight/JOHN RUTKAY

Improving your Hunting Skills with F Class
Using your sporting rifle in long range matches can pay off/JOHN ROBINSON

Diana Predator 31 and Targethunter Air Rifles
These powerful German air arms have adult performance for adult shooters/JOHN RUTKAY

Browning Cynergy Under and Over 12 G
The Browning legend is enhanced by its latest innovative shotgun/JOHN ROBINSON

Winchester’s New Power Point Max 42 Rimfire Ammunition
C omprehensive 6-gun test of the latest development from Winchester/JOHN ROBINSON

Predator Polymag Air Arm Pellets
Lead and plastic for improved pellet performance/JOHN RUT KAY

Dyer .30 Calibre Bullets
Australian-made match projectiles perform at the longest range/MARCUS O’DEAN

Hawkesbury River Cast Bullets and ADI Powders
Getting the best accuracy with cast bullets in the .308/KEIT H PRATT

Hatsan Optima .410 Shotgun
This cute and compact shotgun is tye baby of the Optima family/PAUL JONES

The Berthier System Rifle
France’s Berthier bolt action military rifle – veteran of two World Wars/PAUL SCARLATA

Cooper M57 .17 HMR
America’s most expensive rimfire on the bench/CHARLES HEYDON

Celestron Spotting Scopes
Three of Celestron’s spotting scopes under the spotlight/PAUL JONES

The .500 S&W Revolver
This fearsome revolver cartridge hurts at both ends/PAUL SCARLATA

The Trouble 4 Project
Is converting an SMLE .303 to .444 Marlin worth the effort/BOB NELSON

Colt’s Delta Elite 10mm Auto
The introduction of this pistol saved the 10mm Auto cartridge from obscurity/BOB SHELL

The Alfa Proj Air Arms Match Air Pistol
A joint venture has produced an economical and accurate match pistol/JOHN ROBINSON

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