22 Apr 2012, by BigRedMudCrab
Where did you hunt?
Nymagee, New South Wales
19 Apr 2012 to 22 Apr 2012
What you caught
11 pigs
Weapons used
223 remington pump action with open sight & Browning 270

Spent 4 days on a mates property in central N.S.W. It was my 7yr old son Jett's first hunting trip and let me tell you he was very excited. We lost most of the first day travelling and finally got out for a shot going on dusk. Nearly straight away we came across 2 sows cutting across a open paddock. BANG first shot, pig down, bloody beautiful. Thru the fence me and my mate Col go, after the next one. I told my son to stay in the truck for this first one, especially with a grunter busting thru the long grass. I have 2 more shots with the remington and miss both, luckily Col knocks it over with the 270. Great start. I take my son out for a look at his first pigs, both of us grinning ear to ear. We bowl a young boar on the way back to the house and call it a night. Next morning we hit the top paddocks around 5:30am it takes a while but we finally come across 3 sows. We get 2 and the other dissappears into the thick scrub. We head back to the house for some refreshments and to give the boy his first shot with a .22 at some tin cans. He done pretty good for his first attempt and nailed a few cans. We head back out after lunch, following the water courses and dams. We nail 2 more sows resting under some fallen trees which the boy spotted but we missed. He was quite proud of himself and talked our ears of about his find for the rest of the hunt. Love it. We get 2 more that evening. Next day we done some work around the farm and that evening we were going into town for a feed and a few beers so we only had the middle of the day for a shot. We head out and unexpectedly we come across 2 nice size boars literally around the first corner, stupidly neither of us were loaded, so Col after them in the troopy while I quickly loaded the guns. He done a great job keeping the biggest boar within our sights. Finally loaded I'm out the window lining up this big bugger, Bang, missed, damn! He doubles back and leaves us stuck. A 5 point turn later with our dust in our face I thought for sure he was gone but further up the track we spot him running the fence line. Of we go again. As we are gaining on him he smashes under the fence and dissappears into the scrub. Luckily he shows himself again a second later just long enough for me to put 2 into him. Down he goes. Pumped full of adrenaline we all go over for a look. Its a bloody beauty, we guessed about 90kg+ with a good size set of cutters. The young bloke was in awe so I got the camera out and took a few shots. He told all and sundry at the local that night. The next morning we pack for the long trip home and sneak out for a quick look before we head. We grab another sow early, head back to say our goodbyes and pack the guns away for the trip. Unbelievably as we reach the front gate a herd of 35 pigs scamper across 50mtrs up the road. With the guns packed securely away I only had time to grab the camera and fire of a shot before they disappeared into the scrub. Oh well, of home we go. It was a great couple of days and my young bloke had a ball and cant wait for the next trip.

The one tip I have is always be prepared cause you never know!!