Mr Pig

21 Feb 2012, by Pighunter308
Where did you hunt?
north west Queensland, Queensland
13 May 2011 to 23 May 2011
What you caught
6 pigs
Weapons used

This is a good boar that my son and I caught whilst hunting in Queensland. We had been up there for a week and had caught some good pigs. One night we decide to take the dogs for a walk along a dry creek bed, It was at about mid night when the dogs took off. I could see on the tracking system that they were about 500 meter further up the dry creek bed. We quickly made a mad dash up ahead to see what the dogs had found, boy were we surprised see that they were battling a huge pig. The pig had ran down in the creek and managed to find the only pool of water in the creek. The dogs where getting smashed up against the creek bed wall and they were starting to look like they might lose the battle. That’s when I jumped in, the water level was up to my waist.  I knew I had to quickly end the fight.   The boar was stuck and the there was the battle of getting him up on dry land. The boar felt like it  weighed a ton . The boar weighed 148 kilos. This is one of the biggest boar we have ever caught.