The Weekend Mish season 3 is inbound next week!!! This season involves 6 different missions that span over the New Zealand winter and spring months.

Hunter drops 19 feral pigs from one position hunting by himself.

Big boars were out and about on this ATV shooting / hunting trip. Also a bunch of foxes and some feral cats.

As a hunter, more than anything else you want to make sure you can make a clean ethical shot on.

Accuracy and the required standards of given rifles are commonly exaggerated and misunderstood. Understanding the design limitations of various rifles and their required accuracy performance is not the same universal standard, nor should it be.

How much damage can you do to a rifle before it blows up? We take a .243, .270 and a .308, and we do terrible things to them.

Ever wanted to restore those cast antlers or dead heads. In this video we bring a dead head from a Red Deer back to life by restoring the antlers with a natural rich brown colour.

The 6.5PRC Bergara B14 HMR Wilderness and the Custom CF Tikka T3 in 6mmBR with thermal optics smashing ferals.

Keith Warren, professional hunter and host of The High Road with Keith Warren, takes a minute to pass on his knowledge of firearms and explains how a bullet travels after it leaves a gun

Shot placement on game can make the difference in a good clean ethical harvest or wounding an animal and potentially losing it. What a lot of hunters don't study up on is deer anatomy to know exactly where to place a shot in different scenarios.

Ever wanted to be a skilled marksman? Technology can help.

Watch over forty big game hunting kills in less than twenty minutes.

This drone got a little too close.

Some people treat hand grenades like toys. Some others just aren't good at throwing. This video illustrates the effect, function and damage of hand grenades.

How to field dress a deer with Steven Rinella - MeatEater

Bunny Bustin With a 223 + Two Bonus Foxes