After weeks of nurturing mother nature had the last say.

US anti-theft device for deterring thieves from stealing packages off his front porch.

Slow motion footage of hallowpoint slugs controlling pigeons.

If you’re racking your brain for a unique Christmas gift, look no further. The Jerry Can Mini Bar is the coolest gift you could give this holiday season.

Crystal clear trail cam footage of a sambar stag wallowing.

Accurately turning arrows in flight.

In this video we see what happens when a .50 bmg round is set off outside the chamber of a gun. Will the brass shell make the bullet travel at a higher velocity and be more dangerous than the shotgun shell?

As close as it gets for a buffalo charge. This is why they are known as Black Death.

Watch a M134 Minigun is a 7.62x51mm NATO, six barrel rotary machine gun with an extremely high fire rate burst rounds in slow motion.

Deer vs Ram who is your money on?

Watch Jim Spinella fit six rounds in a four inch group at 300 yards with a precision HCR Custom .22 Long Rifle.

Shooting the Mk I Martini-Henry out to 500 yards with open sights.

Ruger M77 chambered in the venerable .458 Winchester Magnum destroying some things. Lets see what happens to some soft targets with this powerhouse of a round.

First rabbits using a CZ452 Lux .22lr rimfire rifle, filmed with a Casio EX-ZR100.

15 Hogs down, including a couple monster hogs with the brand new Pulsar Trail XQ38 thermal weapon scope. Also, side-by-side and picture-in-picture footage with the Armasight Zeus Pro 640 50mm.