The best camo on the market could not compete with this stags choice of concealment.

Nothing beats a good boar charge.

Top 10 Pig Slow Motion Kill Shots.

After waiting for four days, this bull finally showed up to wallow. After being at full draw for over a minute, Travis makes a great shot only to watch the bull fall only 30m away.

A Nymagee farmer tried to save this paddock for the rams but the roos have since destroyed it.

I bet these hunters needed an underwear change after this bear made its presence felt.

Web editor Mike Gibson gives us a look at a high country backpack hunt where they took a trophy sambar stag.

The Maxim was infamously known as the "Devil's Paintbrush"

This canon has some serious horse power. Armour piercing and tungsten projectiles filmed in high speed.

The long shot records are getting ridiculous but seeing what it takes to make these hits and the rifle set ups are interesting.

Hunter stuffs impossible to miss shot at 2 metres.

As a hunter, the question comes up all the time: how can I justify the killing of animals for food?

How many cans of spray paint will a shotgun shoot through? The answer surprised us.

Only in America, redneck hook removal.

A farmer continues the fight to eradicate wild hogs and save his crops using an AR-15 and thermal night vision scope.