Hunting Kill Shots Rapid Montage - 101 Instant Kills in 2 minutes

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Warning - GRAPHIC CONTENT. This short compressed clip is the top 101 instant kill shots while I have been hunting at night in 2020.

If you're into hunting with thermal or night vision, and like the kill shots, This video is for you. Lots of people have requested I bolt this together over the past year. All hunting was on private land in NSW, Australia undertaking pest & vermin control.

Rifles used: * Lithgow LA101 in 17HMR shooting 20gn Hornady XTP's. * Howa Mini Action SS Varmint in 204 Ruger shooting 32gn VMax's reloads. * Tikka T3 SS Lite in 223 Remington shooting 55gn Nolser Ballistic Tip reloads. * Ruger American Predator 18" in 308 Winchester shooting either 110gn VMax's or 130gn Speer HP's.

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